Thanks to our new GroupOn Members!
We already have 25 out of the 50 total purchasing the deal who have taken advantage of that amazing offer...and now we have 25 new amazing members at the club! For those who were not able to grab this deal shoot us an email and let us know your thoughts and what type of deal you might be interested in taking advantage of in the future!

NEW! Yoga at the club

Beginning 8-Aug 2013 all are welcome to sign-up for Tue/Thu/Fri evening Yoga with Kaylyn Sciaretti. For more information go to:

Also checkout the club's Facebook page for yoga pictures and videos:

Your Transformation Begins Here.

c l u b  |  c a p p e l l a

club | cappella

You need a personal trainer to help you meet your health and fitness goals. A trainer who will take the guesswork out of what you should do. But you think you'll miss the motivation, inspiration and socialization of "the gym". Maybe you have used personal trainers and already felt this void of not training with others. 

You should experience club | cappella. At club | cappella you will find we are not just right for you but just perfect. The perfect blend of Personalized Training with the group interaction and challenge you need to help you stay committed to meet your goals because we're not intimidating like a gym or awkward like training's right in between. 

Your successful transformation comes from our staff of talented Personal Trainers and our unique method of Personalized Training.

@ club | cappella...
  • get personalized training for the same price as a gym    
  • you will achieve your goals whether you are a beginner, advanced, man, woman or youth

  • you will join other club members who have been training with us for years
  • enjoy all the cardio, free weight, machines and training equipment you will find in any fitness center




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